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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

With pet ownership at an all-time high, one of our most popular questions from clients is “Can I take my dog with me on the aircraft”?

The answer is “Yes” - you don’t need to leave your family member behind. Take your dogs, and cats with you when you travel. Charter a private jet or helicopter with G6 AVIATION for superior comfort.

Your dog can travel with you in the cabin which will help to keep your pet calm. This will avoid the trauma of it being confined in the hold, as with commercial flights.

If you own more than one dog no problem! You, and your pets, will arrive relaxed at your destination, ready to start your holiday.

G6 AVIATION can arrange for any special dietary requirements for your pets and advise on customs regulations. Although these may vary according to your destination, the basic documentation required is as follows: -

· Pet Passport

· Valid Vaccinations (including rabies)

· Tapeworm treatment for dogs

· Microchip documentation

· Fit for Travel Animal Health Certification

Many of our aircraft operators have access to specialised teams that can process the documentation required on return to the UK, and we can advise on this as part of our service.

To request a personalised charter jet quotation for your journey with your dog flight please call G6 AVIATION +44 (0)121 291 5463, or enter our request a call back form.

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