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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

How Quickly Can I Book an Last-Minute Private Jet Flight?

The shortest turnaround for what we call an ASAP situation would be 4 hours. This is the shortest amount of time needed to locate an appropriate aircraft, arrange a crew, advise the operator of all passenger requirements and finalise the administration with the client. Pilots need a minimum of 2 hours to get to the airport, make a pre-flight inspection and be ready to go. We will always be able to locate an aircraft. If it isn’t at your nearest airport, G6 AVIATION can arrange for it to be repositioned.

When Making An Advanced Booking For A Private Jet, How Much Notice Should I Give?

Between 1 - 3 months is ideal. This gives the operators more time to schedule the aircraft appropriately. This timescale will give you a bigger choice of aircraft, flight and airport availability and, of course, cost. In the final month before departure your options will naturally reduce.

What Is the Best Way to Book A One Way Flight?

Empty Leg flights can provide you with a cheaper way of getting to your destination, but, of course, the booking cannot be guaranteed in advance. These rely on picking up a return flight of an aircraft, when a one-way trip only has been pre-booked by another client.

Usually these become available around 2 weeks before the date of departure and operators may lower the price very close to this time and will advise brokers accordingly. However, these flights are not a safe option if you need a guaranteed flight. If you rely on an Empty Leg opening up, but none become available, you may end up paying the full price for a one-way trip.

Booking from a floating fleet will ensure that you have the pick of numerous aircraft that are regularly available and, obviously, by booking in advance, a flight is guaranteed. This is, naturally, at a greater cost than opting for an Empty Leg and hoping one becomes available.

For more information on chartering a private jet this please call G6 AVIATION +44 (0)121 291 5463, submit a no obligation flight request or schedule a private appointment at

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