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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

As we see so many first-time clients switching from flying commercial to private charter, it's easy to understand why London Oxford Airport has seen a five-fold increase year-on-year in business movements during the month of April.

Earlier this week G6 AVIATION met with James Dillon-Godfray, Head of Business Development at London Oxford Airport (formerly known as Kiddlington Airport) and found out why it is becoming a preferred departure point for private charter.

As London Oxford Airport lies exactly halfway between Heathrow and Birmingham Airports, with a catchment area including some of the most prosperous areas of the UK, it is no wonder it is fast becoming extremely popular in terms of access. Over ten thousand business aviation or VIP passengers a year go through London Oxford for very easy access, fast aircraft turnarounds and lower user costs for the operators. From touchdown on the runway, to leaving the airport, can take as little as four minutes – impossible when using commercial flights.

James explained that London Oxford also owns the London Heliport so there are great incentives to use both. It’s a 22-minute flight from London Oxford to the Battersea Heliport, making it very easy to get back to central London.

The London Oxford modern private terminal offers all the amenities of a full-service provider, whilst affording complete privacy for those passengers looking for discretion and anonymity. The airport is routinely visited by heads-of-state, royalty and celebrities alike. There is also a dedicated team to help make it easy for you to travel with your favourite pet inside the cabin, should you so desire!

This airport has a massive expansion underway with a new hangar due to open in the Autumn together with the addition of seven new heli-pads. This will enable the airport to accommodate more, and larger, aircraft in the future.

There is also a new 100-bedroom hotel (Oxford Kidlington) airport hotel, ½ a mile from the airport, should you need a stay over.

When you consider all these advantages, it’s easy to understand why clients are keen to fly from London Oxford airport and why it merits its first-class standing in the aviation business.

To book your private jet or helicopter charter from London Oxford Airport and enjoy your trip right from start to finish! Call G6 AVIATION on 0121 291 5463 or submit a Flight Search today!


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