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A few examples of VIP airliners available to charter at G6 AVIATION. Originally produced for commercial use but fitted for intercontinental travel in larger numbers and comfort.

BAe 146-200 VIP

Passengers: 46

Cruise Speed: 747 KM/H / 464 MPH

Range: 3,650 KM / 2,268 Miles

Cabin Height: 6.9ft

Cabin Length: 58.5ft

Cabin Width: 10.8ft

BOEING 737-500 VIP

Passengers: 56

Cruise Speed: 796 KM/H / 494 MPH

Range: 4,398 KM / 2,732 Miles

Cabin Height: 7.3ft

Cabin Length: 79.0ft

Cabin Width: 11.7ft

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