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- Flights axed - Passengers stranded - Baggage lost – Strikes avoided -

No one can have missed the ongoing disastrous situation within the commercial airline industry lately in the UK, which has led to so many people losing their holidays, and their tempers, with so many hours spent waiting at the airport in massive queues.

Heathrow Airport has recently asked airlines to axe 90 flights involving 15,000 passengers as they cannot cope with the baggage alone and Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have reduced their services. Plus, now BA staff announced yesterday that their staff are due to strike during peak summer travel too!

Gatwick, Stansted and Birmingham International have also experienced similar issues with flights being cancelled even after the passengers have boarded, sometimes because there is no crew available. Unfortunately, these problems are not limited to British Airports alone - all over Europe passengers have experienced difficulties. Also, there is a planned strike by Spanish Easy Jet Cabin Crew for a total of 9 days throughout July. They are demanding a 40% increase in salaries.

So…this crisis is not going away anytime soon!

Embraer Legacy 500, seating up to 9 passengers.

Whether you are normally flying First Class, or Business, G6 AVIATION can offer you a super slick charter solution and can get you to where you want to be with the minimum of effort. Private terminals, no queues, guaranteed flights - depart half an hour after arriving at the airport. You can even take your dog on board!

Farnborough London, Private Terminal Lounge

We are available to contact 24/7 and can advise you on the best type of plane to suit your needs. You may want a return flight for a golfing weekend in Spain or a family holiday in Greece. Maybe you have a business meeting in Paris or New York - whatever it is we can accommodate you and your requirements.

G6 AVIATION offers you a personal, discreet, reliable service for your luxury flight! This will be the best decision you make this summer!

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp using +44 (0) 121 291 5463 , call, or email us on


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